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6-week group weight training kickstarter

Learn to Lift with Lynn

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It's Time to Turn Things Around! ​


Have you noticed changes in your body – that you’re losing muscle tone and gaining belly fat?

And your go-to exercise and diet routines are not working anymore?

If you’re a woman in her 40s or 50s, your body is undergoing fundamental changes.


The loss of estrogen in menopause means that you lose muscle mass faster and it’s harder to build new muscle.

That’s why you’re losing muscle tone, and getting weaker (have you noticed your grocery bags feel heavier?)

In addition, the loss of estrogen signals the re-distributed of body fat to your mid-section – which is why you’re losing your waist. It’s not just unpleasant aesthetically, but also means you’re gaining that un-desired visceral fat.

All-in-all, it’s pretty depressing.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn things around: systematic progressive weight training.

And that’s what you’ll learn to do in Strong for Summer!

But before we go any further, I want to be clear that this is NOT for you if...

❌ You don’t want your body to be stronger, firmer & more functional
❌ You don’t want to prepare your body for the years ahead
❌ You're not 100% committed to making the next 6 weeks the turning point in your midlife fitness journey

However, if you fall into one of these camps, this is 100% for you!

✔ Your current fitness routines are not working anymore & you are ready to learn how to work with your 40+ body

✔ You’ve noticed your muscle tone disappearing and want your body back!

✔ You are a 'cardio queen' and want to add weights to your fitness regimen

✔ You're ready to take action to get results

What You Get

1. Proven Training Methods that Get Results

There is a science to building muscle, and since it's harder without estrogen supporting your efforts, you want to use methods that work.


You’ll learn how to lift weights in a systematic way – applying progressive overload and other science-based proven methods so that you get the most out of the time you’re spending.

2. A Personalized Training Program

One of the biggest obstacles to getting started and remaining consistent is that women don’t have a realistic program: ie. one that fits their life and uses the available equipment.

I will design a program that fits your life: just let me know how many times a week you can lift, for how long (hopefully 45-60mins at a time, but I can work with less), and what equipment you have to use (eg. Are you training at home with just dumbbells, or do you have additional equipment, or are you training at a commercial gym?)

I’ll design a program just for you that hits all your muscle groups effectively.

3. All the Instructions to Get Going

You’ll get videos explaining how to do each exercise correctly PLUS videos explaining how to choose your starting weights, when to increase your weights and more. All concisely explained.

4. Form Checks

Submit videos for me to check that you’re doing the exercises properly and get tips on how to improve your technique.  

5. Live Weekly Q&A Sessions

These are video sessions with the group where you can ask me anything you want: about lifting, eating, how to fit your cardio in – anything. And since I’m limiting participants, this means that you get real time with me.

(By the way, if you miss a live session, no problem since I record them and you can submit your questions ahead of time so you’ll get them answered whether you’re there or not.)

6. A Private Facebook group

To communicate with me and the rest of the group between Q&A sessions – I monitor this daily. You can submit form videos, share wins and experiences.

7. A Training App

Your programs are delivered to you on an app which you can access on your phone or computer. You will track your sessions there. The app also includes the video instructions for how to do each exercise.

And remember that all of this is from the perspective of a peri/post-menopausal woman, so you’ll get advice that makes sense for this stage of your life.

Questions? Reach out to me - I'm happy to answer >>

“I am now one month in thanks to Lynn, and the changes are enormous already! I am doing all this from home with 5, 10 and 15 lb dumbbells so far! My clothes fit so much better after 4 weeks. Progressive overload is really making me stronger already!” – Sara, age 63

“I had wanted to start weight training for a long time but didn't really know what to do. Lynn's program made it easy, and she was there to help whenever I had questions. Now, I lift weights regularly. What I love best is how empowered it makes me feel!" – Nina, age 55

Hello there!

I’m Lynn, a Certified Menopause Fitness Coach, and host of top podcast 40+ Fitness for Women. I am passionate about getting 40+ women to start lifting!

​I’m 53, post-menopause, and have been physically active all my life: playing lacrosse in high school and college and running and lifting weights into my 30s.

But in midlife, I focused on group fitness classes at my gym. I loooooved the sweaty conqueror feeling I got from them. But, though many of them included weights, it wasn’t enough to save me from the muscle loss that comes with age: I woke up one day and noticed that the athletic, toned body that I was used to was gone! And I wanted it back.

So, I set about figuring out what I needed to do, and how to do it efficiently, effectively, and safely because it is not as easy to build muscle at this age!

I did it! I got my body back - even better than before! My body now feels (and looks) younger than it has in years. Visceral fat and belly fat has decreased significantly, my arms look toned again (and I love to show them off!), and my body just WORKS better: I can carry in ALL my groceries in one trip, move furniture, carry heavy suitcases, climb long flights of steps, and twist the lids off of jars again.

And now I help other women build the bodies they WANT to spend the rest of their lives and these small group programs are one of the ways.

​I would love to help you build the body you want to spend the rest of YOUR life in. Join me in Strong for Summer.

x Lynn

40+ Fitness Coach Lynn

First, I want to remind you that Learn to Lift with Lynn is a premium group program to help you get started weight training at home or at the gym and is meant for women who are ready to take this step to improve their fitness and health span. 


​I’ve put a lot of thought into this program and how best to guide you to get started so that you can start building and maintaining your muscles in an effective and safe way. In addition, you will have access to me to answer any questions that come up. But I cannot do the work for you. Success will depend on you actually doing the training. 


After receiving the first module and the weight training program, you’ll have 10 days to go through the materials and participate in the program. If after that you feel that the program is not going to help you to get started with weight training, just be in touch with me and I will gladly refund you your money.

Satisfaction guaranteed

No risk: 10-day guarantee

Menopause Fitness Coach Lynn

Join the Waitlist

I run 2-3 group programs each year depending on interest, so if you're interested let me know by getting on the waitlist!

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