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40+ Fitness for Women

Check out my podcast 40+ Fitness for Women. It is the fitness podcast for women in midlife. We are not dying at age 50! So, how do you want to spend the next 50 years?

I share concrete tips and strategies for how to be fit and healthy today and maintain your quality of life in the decades ahead.

Listen now:

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Recent Episodes

"40+ Fitness for Women," a dedicated resource for women in midlife seeking to maintain their health and vitality. Aging is a natural process, but it doesn't mean giving in to feeling old. I'm here to provide you with concrete tips and strategies that empower you to stay fit and vibrant today while ensuring a high quality of life in the years ahead.


With each episode, we'll piece together the puzzle of maintaining health, strength, and vitality while embracing the power of lifting weights. You'll be inspired, educated, and motivated to take action as we explore the transformative impact of weightlifting and discover the keys to a vibrant and empowered life.

How to Subscribe

…so that you never miss an episode!


✔ Go to the Apple Podcast app on your phone

✔ Search 40+ Fitness with Lynn

✔ Click Subscribe

✔ Scroll to the bottom and leave a sneaky 5-star rating while you’re there!

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