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Not recognizing your body anymore?

If you’re a woman in her 40s or 50s, you might have noticed a few changes in your body - like you’re losing muscle tone & gaining belly fat, and your go-to exercise and diet routines are not working anymore.

Are you ready to turn things around?

Coach demonstrates weight lifting

Your body is undergoing fundamental changes

These changes are caused by the decline in your estrogen levels as you go through menopause.

The loss of estrogen means that you lose muscle mass faster and it’s harder to build new muscle. ​That’s why you’re losing muscle tone, and getting weaker (have you noticed your grocery bags feel heavier?)

​In addition, the loss of estrogen signals the re-distributed of body fat to your mid-section – which is why you’re losing your waist. It’s not only unpleasant aesthetically, but also means you’re gaining that un-desired and unhealthy visceral fat.

​All-in-all, it’s pretty depressing.

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Fortunately, there is a way to turn things around: lifting heavy (for you) weights

Women in perimenopause/post-menopause need to train differently to get results. We need to lift heavy (for you) weights and really challenge our bodies in order to see results.

That’s why joining a group fitness class with pink dumbbells and doing lot of low weight/high reps exercises where you ‘feel the burn’ doesn’t work. It’s also why doing those random ‘full-body workouts’ you find online is not moving the needle.

You need to get serious about resistance training: lifting in a systematic way where you continuously challenge your body a little bit more as you get stronger. THAT is what’s going to make the difference.

"I love the way everything was explained in detail including the concept of applying progressive overload to my own training - something I had thought was only for bodybuilders!


The program is suitable for those who want to know more about lifting weights, for those who have had a little break from the weight room and also for total beginners." 

ANU, 51

By the end of Learn to Lift you will...

Be stronger

Instead of allowing your body to weaken as it does as we age and go through menopause - unless we lift.  

Have more muscle tone


Stop spinning your wheels in Pump and BootCamp classes and with random online workouts -start seeing results! 

Have better fitness habits

Weight training is essential for keeping your body strong & functional, and you'll be able to keep going!

Feel more confident in your body 

You'll be proud of what you've done: gotten stronger and more toned. You'll feel more confident too!

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The Learn to Lift courses include… 

1. Weight Training Program

You will receive your weight training program via my app. The program includes the list of exercises you need to do each session, demo videos explaining how to do each exercise correctly. You will also track your lifts in the app.

Learn to lift weights at home with dumbbells

2. Training App

Your programs are delivered to you via app which you can access on your phone or computer. You will track your sessions there.


The app includes demo videos explaining how to do each exercise correctly – so they are always conveniently with you wherever you train.

Home weight training program

3. Mini-Course: the knowledge you need to succeed

In addition to the demo videos explaining how to do each exercise correctly you will get access to a mini course.


This course includes about 1 hour of pre-recorded videos explaining all the other things you need to know to get started such as how to choose your starting weights, when to increase your weights and more. All concisely explained.


So, you’ll be up and running ready to start lifting in less than 1 hour.

Learn to lift weights online

4. Private Facebook Group

You’ll get access to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions, submit form checks (if you want me to check that you’re doing the movements correctly), and participate in our weekly accountability group. Even though this is a self-paced course, you don’t have to do it alone!

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“I am now one month in thanks to Lynn, and the changes are enormous already! I am doing all this from home with 5, 10 and 15 lb dumbbells so far! My clothes fit so much better after 4 weeks. Progressive overload is really making me stronger already!”
Sara, age 63

“I had wanted to start weight training for a long time but didn't really know what to do. Lynn's program made it easy, and she was there to help whenever I had questions. Now, I lift weights regularly. What I love best is how empowered it makes me feel!"
– Nina, age 55

Get started today!

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Use code SPRING40 at check-out to get 40% off!
Offer ends May 31st.

Hello there!

I’m Lynn, a Certified Menopause Fitness Coach, and host of top podcast 40+ Fitness for Women. I am passionate about getting 40+ women to start lifting!

​I’m 53, post-menopause, and have been physically active all my life: playing lacrosse in high school and college and running and lifting weights into my 30s.

But in midlife, I focused on group fitness classes at my gym. I loooooved the sweaty conqueror feeling I got from them. But, though many of them included weights, it wasn’t enough to save me from the muscle loss that comes with age: I woke up one day and noticed that the athletic, toned body that I was used to was gone! And I wanted it back.

So, I set about figuring out what I needed to do, and how to do it efficiently, effectively, and safely because it is not as easy to build muscle at this age!

I did it! I got my body back - even better than before! My body now feels (and looks) younger than it has in years. Visceral fat and belly fat has decreased significantly, my arms look toned again (and I love to show them off!), and my body just WORKS better: I can carry in ALL my groceries in one trip, move furniture, carry heavy suitcases, climb long flights of steps, and twist the lids off of jars again.

And now I help other women turn things around - and I'd love to help you too. 🤗

x Lynn

40+ Fitness Coach Lynn

My Learn to Lift programs are designed to help you get started with weight training and are meant for women who are ready to take this step to improve their fitness and health span. 


​I’ve put a lot of thought into these programs and how best to guide you to get started so that you can start building and maintaining your muscles in an effective and safe way. In addition, you will have access to me to answer any questions that come up. But I cannot do the work for you. Success will depend on you actually doing the training. 


After signing up, you’ll have 10 days to go through the materials and train. If after that you feel that the program is not going to help you to get started weight training, just be in touch with me and I will gladly refund you your money.

Satisfaction guaranteed

No risk: 10-day guarantee


Start today: combat aging & get stronger!

LLH - Kick-Starter - price.png
LLG - Kick-Starter - price.png

Use code SPRING40 at check-out to get 40% off!
Offer ends May 31st.

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  • What if my gym does not have the equipment that you need for this course?
    You can choose to train at home or at the gym. For those training at the gym, I have selected exercises that use equipment found in most commercial weight rooms. If, however, your weight room does not have certain equipment, then just let me know, and I’l be happy to find an alternative for you.
  • I’ve never lifted weights before – is this course okay for me?
    Absolutely! The course teaches all you need to know, and if you need it broken down even further, I’m happy to help. That’s what I’m here for!
  • I’m not sure I have time to do this program – how much time will it take?
    I understand that women are super busy, so I’ve really endeavored to lower the barrier to getting started: You can train as little as 2 days per week. The sessions are designed to take about 1 hour to complete. If you have less time, then you can shorten the session by doing only 2 sets (rather that 3). Getting started is made as quick as possible with short information-filled videos that you can listen to eg. In the car.
  • I have some experience with lifting weights – is this going to be too easy for me?
    I believe you will still get a lot out of this course even if you have some weight training background. The exercises are not “beginner” exercises – they are exercises that even more advanced lifters use. As long as you apply progressive overload, you’re sure to get results.
  • Does the program teach back squats and traditional deadlifts?
    No. Squats can be a fairly challenging move to master depending on your body proportions, and if that is what you want to learn, I suggest you work with an in-person personal trainer who can make sure you’re doing them correctly. You can build strength and muscle (and get all the other benefits) without every doing a back squat or traditional deadlift. There are so many other exercises to build and maintain muscle which have lower risk of injury so I have chosen those.
  • What happens after the program is over?
    After our time together in the program is up, you can continue to train with me by joining my monthly membership.
  • Other questions? Contact me!
    Any other questions? Contact me at

Let’s do this!

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Use code SPRING40 at check-out to get 40% off!
Offer ends May 31st.

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