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1:1 Coaching
with Lynn


Lifting weights after 50

Achieve your fitness goals 

Are you noticing changes?​

Have you noticed changes to your body like a loss of muscle tone and more fat accumulating around your waist?

Are your tried-and-tested diet and exercise routines not working anymore?

And burning more calories and eating even less is not helping either?

It's because you're in menopause, and your body is changing in fundamental ways. And that means your fitness needs to change too. 

But it can be overwhelming to know where to start, and to make it all fit into your life.

I'm here to help.​

I've been there, and come out stronger, leaner, and feeling better than in decades. Now, I am helping other women do the same. 


I'll help you to make sustainable changes to your training and nutrition so you can feel great in your body again.

What you can expect​

1:1 coaching is designed to get you moving towards your fitness goals instead of treading water (or worse). We'll create a plan with workouts that fit into your life - no matter how busy you are. I'll coach you through manageable steps to avoid overwhelm and to get the most bang for your time spent.

I don't offer quick fixes or 12-week transformations. Instead, I work with you to put in place new habits that will not only get you into the shape you want to be in but also allow you to maintain it - without obsessively counting calories or spending all your free time at the gym.

All of my coaching clients do strength training because it is such an important part of keeping our bodies strong and functional as we age.


What coaching includes

  1. A personalized plan:  to achieve YOUR goals in a way that fits into YOUR busy life with the equipment that YOU have. Your plan can include strength training, nutrition, fat loss, and/or other midlife well-being.

  2. Training App: Convenient delivery of your training program. You can access your program and instructional videos on your phone or via your computer's browser.

  3. 24/7 support: Ask questions and share your thoughts as they arise. 

  4. Unlimited form video reviews: To ensure you're doing the exercises correctly

  5. Weekly check-ins: Where we will discuss how things are going, update plans, and answer questions.

  6. Minimum 3-month commitment: Habits take time to build, and results do not come overnight.


The investment in yourself is $400/month for a minimum of 3 months. ​

Sound good to you?

Great! The next step is to fill out an application and set up a free call with me. 

In the call, we'll review your goals and I will share how I could help you achieve them.

After that call, we'll decide whether it's a good fit and whether to proceed. 

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