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Weight training & Fitness for
WOMEN over 40

I teach women in perimenopause and post-menopause how to build muscle & lose fat in an effective way so they can feel confident in their bodies and stay strong & fit in the years ahead!

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Why your body changes in your 40s & how to turn things around

How to Start Weight Training After 40

How to Start
Weight Training After 40

Your body undergoes a fundamental change as you go through menopause

Are you a woman in her 40s or 50s and noticing changes in your body?


Maybe you’ve gone from slim and toned to squishy almost overnight or maybe your go-to diet and exercise routine are not working this time or you’ve noticed that the suitcase you used to lift with ease now feels like it’s made of lead.


You feel like a stranger in your own body, and you want it to stop. 

Age is creeping up on you. You may look at your mother and notice how she’s slowing down and having a harder time managing daily life. You’re worried not only about her, but also want to avoid the same fate for yourself.


The changes that come with age - particularly in perimenopause and menopause - are real. As our female hormones shut down, we feel the effects all over: in our sleep, our energy levels, our ability to think clearly. Plus, our muscle tone declines while the fat around our middles increases. Not fun.

But there is hope! This is the time to shift your workouts from calorie-burning to muscle-building to turn things around. I’m here to help you get going.  

The Benefits of Weight Training for Women over 40

  • Build & maintain your strength: As we age, our strength & muscle mass naturally decline. This decline accelerates in menopause. Weight training is the best way to get & stay strong so you can continue to live a rich, independent life.

  • Keep your body functional: Lifting weights not only strengthens your muscles, it also strengthens other parts of your body including your tendons and ligaments. These start to get more brittle as estrogen declines in perimenopause - weight training keeps them strong!

  • Increase bone density: It has been estimated that women lose up to 10% of their bone density in the first 5 years after menopause! Weight training has been shown to increase bone density even in post-menopausal women. Stronger bones mean a lower risk of bone fractures if you fall.

  • Decrease visceral fat & belly fat: You cannot spot-reduce fat. However, lifting heavy (for you) sets off a cascade of biochemical reactions in your body which lead to the mobilization of visceral fat and belly fat. That’s great news!

  • Increase insulin sensitivity: As estrogen levels decline, so does our insulin sensitivity. Weight training counteracts this.

  • Improved mood: Studies have shown that weight training improves mood and can help with depression – this is great news, especially for perimenopausal women who may be dealing with mood issues. And as women who lift can tell you, there is nothing like the confidence and bad-ass feeling you get from being strong! 

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"I had wanted to start weight training for a long time but didn't really know what to do. Lynn's program made it easy, and she was there to help whenever I had questions. Now, I lift weights regularly. What I love best is how empowered it makes me feel!"

NINA, 55

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Lynn Sederlöf-Airisto, Cert. Menopause Fitness Coach

Coach Lynn Sederlöf-Airisto
Cert. Menopause Fitness Coach
Host of 40+ Fitness for Women podcast

Hi! I'm Lynn.

Are you a woman in mid-life who is interested in getting into weight training but don't know where to start?

And when you go online looking for help, there is just too much information - often conflicting - to sort through. And, you can't be sure that it's even relevant to a 40+ woman who is not looking to get into bodybuilding or bikini fitness.

I've been there. 

I am a 53-year-old post-menopausal woman. A few years ago, I noticed that my body was changing significantly: my muscles were disappearing! I was working out (hard) regularly and even using weights in group fitness classes (pump, circuit and Bootcamp classes), but it was not enough.

So, I started studying: I needed to know what to do - how to work out in a safe, effective way that takes into account the hormonal changes happening in midlife.

I am here to help you get and stay strong and fit so you can feel good and confident in your body again and enjoy a high quality of life for the rest of your life!


I offer a lot of free advice in my podcast and social media channels.
Check out how to work with me >> 

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40+ Fitness for Women Podcast

40+ Fitness for Women

Check out my podcast 40+ Fitness for Women. It is the fitness podcast for women in midlife. We can't help getting older but we don't have to get old. I share concrete tips and strategies for how to be fit and healthy today and maintain your quality of life in the decades ahead.

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