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The Anti-aging Effects of Lifting Weights:

How weight training prepares your body for the NEXT 40 years

FREE MASTERCLASS - SEPT. 7, 2023 | 1 PM ET / 17 UTC / 20 GMT

It's been in the news lately: how weight training can actually reduce your biological age, how it's the "fountain of youth". It's true. Especially for women because as we go through menopause, our bodies lose estrogen and the rate of our physical decline accelerates.


What that means is that our bodies don't work the way they used to, and that can really limit our lives. And we still have a LOT of years left.

How do you want your next 40 years to look? If you want to travel, play golf, be able to take care of and play with your grandchildren, and live independently - without being a burden on your loved ones for as long as possible, then taking care of your body is important. 


In this Masterclass, I share the role that weight training can play in making your dreams for your future possible. I share:

  • How & why your body changes in perimenopause & post-menopause

  • Common symptoms of perimenopause

  • How and why weight training can slow and even reverse your physical decline

  • The keys to effective weight training (for real results)

  • How to get started - easily

Sign up below - looking forward to seeing you there!

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