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Learn to Lift with Lynn

A unique 12-week weight training kickstarter that teaches you how to lift weights with confidence for a stronger, healthier body. 

Learn to Lift with Lynn is a unique program designed to get weight lifting off your 'to do' list and into your everyday life. Start feeling younger, stronger & more confident!


Before we dive into the details, let’s discuss who this program is for. This program is for you if…

>> You want to start weight training but feel intimidated by the weight room

Part of you wants to go in there but it feels like stepping onto another planet – a planet filled with people who are decades younger than you with perfect bodies! Plus, everyone in there seems to know what they’re doing, and you don’t have a clue. You want to feel confident in the weight room: to walk in there, know what you’re doing and that you’re doing it right. And even better: to start looking like you belong there.

>> You are noticing the signs of aging, and you want your body to feel as young as you do!

Maybe you've noticed signs of aging like that the suitcase you used to lift with ease now feels like it's made of lead. Maybe your go-to exercise routine is not giving you the same results it used to.

You know it’s time to start weight training to reverse the signs of aging, and to maintain your quality of life going in the years ahead, but you just need some help to get going.

However, this program may not be for you if...

>> You are looking for a radical 12-week transformation. The transformation programs that you see online usually include a strict diet with them. This is not one of those. Though this is a perfect companion to a weightloss program because lifting weights will help your body to maintain its muscle (and therefore drop more fat) when in a calorie deficit.

>> You are not ready to invest in your long-term health. Making weight training your weekly habit is one of the best things you can do for your long-term health. It improves body composition, strengthens bones and tendons, decreases visceral fat and belly fat, increases your metabolism and can even help with depression. But if you’re not ready to invest in getting started reaping those benefits, then this program is not for you.

By the end of 12 weeks...

You will have put a stop to losing muscle & be stronger

(instead of continuing to allow your lean muscle mass to decline - as it naturally does as we age)

You will understand HOW to train to build & maintain muscle

(and no longer be overwhelmed by the conflicting information online)

You will have started weight training 

(instead of still being stuck and planning to start 'someday')

You will feel confident in the weight room

(and that confidence will translate into other areas of your life!)

You will know how to do exercises that get results

(rather than doing random workouts that may or may not move the needle)

Join Learn to Lift with Lynn
kickstarter program today

*This is a new program, which I am offering at a special price for the foundation members. It will NEVER be offered at this low price again - so if you've been thinking of starting weight training, don't put it off any longer!

Learn to Lift with Lynn

A complete program which includes...

Teaching Videos: Learn what to do & why

Module #1

What you need to know BEFORE you step into the weight room

Module #2

What you need to do the first time in the weight room

Module #3

Building Muscle 101 - the factors that affect building muscle. 

Module #4

Perimenopause, menopause & their effects on training

Bonus Lessons

Answers to FAQs, more advanced techniques and more!

Weight Training Program: Do it!


Weight training program for either 2xweek or 4xweek sessions of 45-60mins each 

Instructional Videos

Explaining how to set up and do each exercise correctly

Tracking Tool

Tool for tracking exercises so you remember what you've done & see your progress

Accountability & Support: Every step of the way

1-to-1 sessions

5 one-to-one online sessions with me to review your progress & answer questions.

Form Videos

Submit videos of you doing your lifts, and I'll give form tips to make sure you're on track.

A complete program with all you need to start weight training with confidence 

Learn to Lift with Lynn is a hybrid program that includes everything you need to know to step into the weight room and start training with confidence.

  • Educational videos: self-study videos teach you what you need to know: before you get into the weight room, what you should be doing when you get there, how your hormones are affecting your body, what factors can affect your progress, and much more.

  • Weight training program: a program of exercises for you to do to start your weight training journey along.  In the second half of the program, you’ll be introduced to additional exercises.

  • Exercise instruction: videos explaining how to do each exercise properly. And you can submit videos of you doing your exercises and I'll review them to provide tips for improvements.

  • Live sessions with me: You will get five 1-to-1 sessions with me to review your progress and answer questions.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

First, I want to remind you that Learn to Lift with Lynn is a premium Kickstarter program to help you get started weight training in the gym and is meant for women who are ready to take this step to improve their fitness and health span. 

I’ve put a lot of thought into this program and how best to guide you to get started so that you can start building and maintaining your muscles in an effective and safe way. In addition, you will have access to me to answer any questions that come up. 


After receiving the first module and the weight training program, you’ll have 14 days to go through the materials and participate in the program. If after that you feel that the program is not going to help you to get started with weight training, just be in touch and I will gladly refund you your money.

Join Learn to Lift with Lynn 

Get started today - summer is just around the corner!

Still on the fence?
Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

  • Is this course suitable for complete beginners? What if I've done some lifting?
    YES - this course is suitable for complete beginners. That is exactly who this course is for. I know you don't have the time to figure it all out so I give you the program, the instructions on how to do the exercises, PLUS educational videos so you understand what you need to do and why. However, If you do have some experience with weights, that's fine too - the program is such that it is suitable for beginner and intermediate lifters.
  • I’m not sure I have time to do this program – how much time will it take?
    I understand that in midlife women are super busy (I'm just the same!), so this course is designed to cut to the chase and give you the information that you need. I want to lower the barrier to entry so you can choose to train 2, 3 or 4 days per week. Each weight training session will take you 45-60 mins. You can also reduce the length of the session by doing fewer sets of each exercise: I recommend 3 sets per exercise, but you can do 2 which cuts the session length considerably.
  • I am interested in lifting at home, what equipment will I need?
    I want to lower the barrier for women to start weight training because it's so important for our long-term health and quality of life! So, I have designed the at home training so that you can do it with just dumbbells.
  • Will you offer the program at this price again?
    This is a new program which I am offering at a special price for the foundation members. It will never be offered at this low price again. So, if you’ve been thinking about starting weight training, don’t put it off any longer!
  • What if my gym does not have the equipment needed?
    I have selected exercises that use equipment found in most weight rooms. If, however, your weight room does not have certain equipment, then just let me know, and we’ll find an alternative for you.
  • Does the program teach back squats and deadlifts?
    No. Back squats and classic deadlifts can be a fairly challenging exercises to master depending on your body proportions, and if that is what you want to learn, I suggest you work with an in-person personal trainer who can stand beside you to make sure you’re doing them correctly. Fortunately, there are no must-do exercises! There are so many other exercises which can build and maintain muscle which are less difficult to learn, so I have chosen those.

Do you know this course would be perfect for you, but something is holding you back?

You know that you should start lifting weights because is one of the best ways to maintain your quality of life going forward, and the sooner you start, the better.

You’ve heard about all the benefits of weight training beyond the aesthetic benefits (incl. improve body composition, reduce visceral fat and belly fat, improve insulin sensitivity, increase bone density & tendon strength) so it’s on your agenda to get started at some point.

And you’ve maybe started to notice that you’re weaker than you used to be, or that your body is ‘fluffy’, or maybe you’ve observed your mother whose physical condition is declining and wanting to avoid ever being like that.

The fact is that the sooner you get started with weights, the sooner you can cut off the decline in muscle mass that comes with age and begin building your muscles – and your strength – back up.
And since weight training is something you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, you don’t need to wait for the “right time” when you’re less busy. In fact, it’s almost better to start when you ARE busy so that you immediately learn how to work weight training into your normal life.

Imagine how the year from now you is going to feel – and look - and how thankful she’ll be to you for not putting this off any longer.  


Hello there!

I’m Lynn and I am passionate about getting women in their 40s, 50s and beyond over that hurdle to start lifting!

I’m 52, post menopause and have been physically active all my life: playing lacrosse in high school and college and running and lifting weights into my 30s.

But in midlife, I focused on group fitness classes at my gym. Though some of them included weights, it wasn’t enough to save me from the muscle loss that comes with age: I woke up one day and noticed that the athletic, toned body that I was used to was gone! And I wanted it back.

So, I set about figuring out what I needed to do and how to do it efficiently, effectively and safely. I have spent months studying, learning, and training. It’s not so easy to build muscle at this age, and I wanted to make sure I was not wasting my time in the gym. 

I have shared my renewed interest in lifting weights with my friends and women I run into in the locker room at my gym. So many of them have expressed that they want to start lifting weights but they just don’t know how! These are women who exercise regularly and even they feel uncomfortable taking the step into the weight room.

It can be really intimidating to go into the weight room the first time (even for me when I go into a new weight room!), and even worse if you don’t know what to do there.  And there is sooo much information online that it can be overwhelming to know what applies to you. 

I’m here to help. I’ve created Learn to Lift with Lynn to help women over that hurdle to get started. I provide you with the information you need to know about what to do and why, an effective program to get started with, and support for you along the way.

I would love to help you get started with your new weightlifting habit – will you join me? 


- Lynn

Join Learn to Lift with Lynn 

This is the ONLY time the program will be offered at this incredibly low price!

*This is a new program, which I am offering at a special price for the foundation members. It will never be offered at this low price again - so if you've been thinking of starting weight training, don't put it off any longer! 

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